Additional Options

Green Screen

The latest addition to our bag of tricks is green screen! Star on the cover of a magazine, dodge angry bulls in Spain, or hang out on the Vegas Strip in just seconds.  Our green screen is perfect for themed events and just as simple as standard flipbooks.  We’ll need a 15’ by 15’ area and your imagination.

Keepsake DVD

DVD Video Montage:  A montage of the videos made by all the guests at your event.  One word… AWESOME.  See the magic for yourself by watching the video below.

Sharing/Social Networking

Internet Upload:  What happens in the flipbook station, stays in the flipbook station… that is, unless, you have us put all of your guests’ videos online.  You can make them public or allow only your guests to view, download and share them.

Video Email & Data Collection:  Affectionately called the “Stalker Option”… have us collect your guests’ email addresses and email each of them a copy of their flipbook video.

On Site Playback:  Will you have video screens throughout your venue?  Then, what happens in the flipbook station can happen all over your party.  We can create a video montage of your guests’ videos as they’re being made – and you can play it on your screens during your event!


Cover Design:  Shamelessly promote your brand by putting it all over the cover of our flipbooks. Click here to see some examples!

Scrolling Message:  Have a special message scroll across the bottom of the flipbook pages like a news ticker… just keep it clean, please.

Logo Watermark on Videos:  Be über-shameless with your company promotion (and get über-exposure) by having us add your logo to the videos created at your event so your brand is seen when the videos are uploaded to Facebook or emailed to guests.

Custom Backdrop:  With either our Green Screen service or with your own custom creation, put your brand on every page of your guests’ flipbook by being a part of the backdrop.